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Our Services

Tree Frog Farm is a facility that concentrates on building a relationship between you and your dog. We provide: Basic training, behavior, fear, aggression, confidence. Learn more ABOUT US.

  • Behavior Consultations

  • Puppy and family dog classes



  • Dog Agility, Tricks, Canine Good   Citizen (etc. ) Classes

  • Dog agility private classes

  • Private "Park" Sessions

Client dog Luna showing she has learned that walks can be calm and enjoyable.

Client dog Luna showing she has learned that walks can be calm and enjoyable.


  • Dog-wrangling for photo shoots. Liz handles dog models during catalog, web, and video photo shoots. Liz has been been hired for: FetchDog, Orvis, Chewy, Eddie Bauer, Polo, Izod, Vera Bradley, Brookstone, Keurig, and Idexx shoots. In addition to working on the set, Liz also hires the models for these shoots. About 90% of models have been Tree Frog Farm graduates.

  • Behavioral Evaluations for local shelters, rescue organizations, and the ASPCA, and the family dog. Once the evaluation is complete a behavior modification plan is recommended.


I learned a lot watching you interact with the dogs. When you explained what you were doing and what the dog was actually thinking I could better understand the ‘language of dog’. I could relax when I knew your watchful, intuitive eyes (even the ones in the back of your head) were on all the dogs. I felt confident you would intervene if necessary to make a situation flow smoothly, even in a group of unpredictable dogs.
— Tori & Barkely




Private lessons with handler & dog
$25/15 min after first hour

Off-Campus travel fee applies, cost based on location. 
Private lessons are great for people with variable work schedules, reactive dogs, full family involvement, perfecting handling techniques, behavior modification, etc. Private lessons are also a wonderful compliment to any training class (see the hybrid version, for instance). 

Private lessons without handler (one on one)
$90/hr + mileage
$80/hr if two or more lessons/week

Some dogs need a little extra guidance from a handler that is familiar and comfortable working around distractions. One-on-one lessons mix-up work with play, to give the dog a break from intensive training. One-on-one training is meant to occur at least two times/week. The owner is briefed and shown the techniques his dog is learning weekly. Frequent dog participants have been: puppies whose families work during the day. Reactive dogs, who need to get exposed, safely, and frequently to triggers in order to counter condition and desensitize the dog to those triggers. Dogs in need of confidence building through training and games. Dogs, whose owners are older and unable to repeat training techniques frequently enough for the dog to learn the techniques. And finally, one-on-one dog agility to help keep the dog mentally stimulated throughout a busy work week.



$225 for 7 weeks

$205 for 7 weeks



Hybrid Version Class
7 week class + two one-hr. private lessons.

Puppy: $405
Family Dog: $385

Charm School for Dogs
$300 for 10 weeks

New students, to Tree Frog Farm, must attend a private lesson ($75)
before Charm School.



Confident Canine
4 week class:  $120

The Next Step: Canine Good Citizen Preparation
6 week class:  $160



Class Schedule


For the following classes please see our Rate Page for more details. Check the calendar for class dates and times. Puppy Class, Family Dog and Charm School all start with a dog-free Orientation Class. You can not enter midstream unless prearranged with instructor.
To use calendar PLEASE CLICK on the class name to see start date, PLEASE CLICK on any Private Lesson to see if that spot is available. You must pre-register.



about us

O ur Training Philosophy

  • Dogs don't come knowing human language. We train the person to recognize the signs the dog is giving, and help the owner train the dog to respond appropriately to human signs and language.

  • We use reward-based training. The dog offers a behavior, the behavior is recognized with an auditory marker, and this is followed with a reward. The more often the behavior is rewarded the more likely the behavior will occur.

  • Once the behavior is solid, rewards will occur on a random basis.

What We Offer:

  • Behavior counseling/modification for reactive dogs

  • Fearful dogs counseling & evaluation

  • Private lessons/at home/TFF

  • Group training TFF

  • Rescue dog consultations

  • Agility training

  • Dog wrangling for photo shoots

Liz Langham, Owner & Lead Trainer

Liz Langham, Owner & Lead Trainer

Tree Frog Farm is a place to have fun and challenge yourself and your dog.  We strive to maximize learning while keeping the atmosphere relaxing.   Tree Frog Farm puts the companion dog first.  

Set in lovely North Yarmouth, ME, Tree Frog Farm conserves and protects the natural wildlife environment while encouraging wildlife habitat, breeding ground, and conservation. In fact it is not uncommon for Liz to bring her binoculars down to the agility field so class participants can take a moment to observe an American bittern frogging.





Liz Langham
Owner & Lead Trainer 

phone. 207 837 1613

Tree Frog Farm Dog Training
239 Mountfort Rd.
North Yarmouth, ME 04097